Building from the previous culture study project, this project aimed to create a logo and lock-up that was based off of our culture--as if our culture was a brand. The main goal of this project was to learn how visual elements and processes evoke meaning through shape, inclusion and abstraction of form. 
Brainstorming and Committing to an Icon Idea
When I first heard the project instructions, I was inspired to create a logo based on the old-growth forests of the Pacific Northwest. I brainstormed about creating a logo out of things such as: pine cones, mushrooms, foxes, and butterflies. I decided early-on that it would be too derivative to use a plant as an icon to represent growth, so I chose to use a fawn instead. For me, growth only happens when something is nurtured. A fawn must be nurtured and taken care of to grow and thrive.  
These sketches were completed in an exploration of form and shape. I had to find the natural shapes of the fawn and work on the framing of the creature.  
Digital Rendering of Icon
After sketching the fawn in different geometric shapes, I ultimately decided to move forward with the circular design. These were a few of my first drafts as I translated my design into a digital format. One of the things I struggled with a lot was the shape of the fawn's head, leg, and ears, which is something that shifts a lot through my process. 
Typography Experimentation
These were a few of the fonts that I played with during my creative process. I ended up using a san-serif font because it had a nice weight to it that complimented my logo. I knew that the font I designed with needed to have round letterforms because I wanted to use the circular logo in replace of the "O" for my lock-up. 
Final Logo and Lock-Up
This was my final logo and lock-up design. I changed the spotted pattern on the fawn's back to make it more intentional. I also added a tail to help the form fit into the circular shape. With the colored version I ended up pulling colors from the previous culture project so that everything looks cohesive together.  

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