Culture Audit Board
This project was a culmination of all the other projects that I have completed thus far. The goal of this project was to convey meaning in a unique manner both in it's ability to attract audience and communicate meaning. I started off by collecting the main aesthetic themes I had designed and putting them all in an audit board. I then started to brainstorm ideas about what challenges my culture "growth". 
My journey of growth has been growing to love and accept myself. We need to learn to love ourselves and grow into the people we are meant to be. Our goal should be to create freedom and space to allow ourselves to grow and thrive. Self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-pressure are all things that can keep us from growing and make us remain stagnant. 
Empathy Maps
The next step of this project was to brainstorm fictional personas that would be a part of the target audience for the poster. I tried to create a wide-range of personas because I wanted my poster to have a positive affect on all who viewed it. 
Social Justice Posters: 1st Drafts
These were the first three posters that I created. When designing, I spent most of my time on developing the brain imagery. Self-doubt starts in the brain and plants itself there. I also chose to depict the idea of a blooming brain because of my connection to my culture "growth". When designing, I chose to focus on specific color palettes for each poster because I wanted to experiment with both positive and negative connotations of color. 
Social Justice Poster: 2nd Drafts
These were the edits that I made after a round of small-group critiques. I focused on altering my typography to make it more integrated within my composition. The specific color palettes contrast a lot here when the posters are viewed in conjuction with each other. 
With the green poster design I wanted to show more of the negative afffects of self-doubt, so that is why I used barbed-wire and altered the color of the brain to make it look sickly. 
The beige-colored poster's color palette stayed true to the nature of the brain. I chose to use no nature imagery in this poster. 
My goal with the yellow poster design was to highlight the imagery I created surrounding the idea of the blooming brain. I was more strict with my color palette here, as I used the same color palette as with my previous projects. 
Final Composition
For my final social justice poster design, I chose to push the composition of the yellow poster even further. I recieved critique about scale and the use of grid, so I re-designed the background "weed-out" typographic pattern so that it highlighted the grid better. I also added little illustrated daisies to create more contrast within the flowers. 
Overall throughout the course of this project I was able to increase my capability to utilize scale and contrast while still working within the confines of a gridded structure to create a strong composition that conveys meaning in a unique manner.  

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