Inspiration & Imagination
Lily is a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative spirit who is empowered by kindness and empathy. She is passionate about visual storytelling and problem-solving, and desires to create work that cultivates conversation surrounding mental health advocacy, accessibility, education, and sustainability. Lily will graduate Summa Cum Laude from Seattle Pacific University in June of 2022 with her BA in Visual Communications with a double minor in 2-D Media and Digital Media.
Native to Gold Bar, Washington, Lily is frequently inspired by the whimsical beauty of the Cascade Mountain range, forestry, and woodland creatures that call the Pacific Northwest their home. When she is not designing or expanding her creative skills, you can find Lily exploring her entrepreneurial spirit through her ecommerce platform called Lunar Lily Studios, where she recently hit 700 sales across 48 states and four countries.

Lily's areas of interest include:
Branding Design
Digital Illustration
Motion Design + Animation

Artist Statement 
I want to create work that is gentle and kind. I find my inspiration through romanticized lived-memories, emotions, and experiences. I am interested in what lies just beyond my fingertips, out of reach behind the veil of consciousness and daydreams. My process means finding myself in the quiet. It has become a method of gently teaching myself how to let go of control and emotions that no longer serve me. Unlearning conditional attachments to the world and judgments placed upon me by outside factors and learned judgmental behaviors. My art process has allowed me to explore my imagination as a way of learning to love myself and the world around me. I search for my own realm of peace through creation as I nurture consciousness as a garden in full bloom. 
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